Can someone recommend a good base for Naruto’s sprites?

Can someone tell me what would be a good base for Naruto’s sprites?

So far, I’ve tried Kung Fu Man, tracing over game screenshots, Kyo Kusanagi…

I would be very grateful if someone could help…


Should I make custom sprites for naruto?

Since there isn’t a Naruto fighting game that uses proper sized 2d sprites, I’m wondering if I should make my own, but I’m not sure so…You decide! There’s a poll…

Smoke updated

I updated Smoke!

Changelog since first release:
Fixed super damage, it was waaaay to much
Fixed bug where if he was invisible he didn’t appear on winpose
Taked out “Smoke Axe” fatality and added “Invisible Slice” instead                                        
Changed fatality inputs

Download at “Characters” section