The progress kontinues…

sonyaalt sonyapunch_strip2 sonyapunch2


Sonya sprite

I switched the base I was using for Sonya, since the new base looks a lot more like Sonya, I can make progress faster, yay!


Naruto screenshoots

Some screenshots of Naruto, I’ll post a video as soon as I finish is crouching basics(NZC did a bad job at giving him variety in the attacks =P, in all of the spritesheet, there is ONE kick)

Aditional credits: Alexei Roschak(pallete), ShinyCharizard/Gledson(made some Sage naruto sprites which I edited)Jordwilf and GregarLink10(young naruto nzc sheet which I edited to make some poses)

kickscreen1 kickscreen2 kickscreen3 narutoscreen narutoscreen2 narutoscreen3 narutoscreen4

Naruto news…

I could not find a good base for naruto, so I’m back to using scaled up sprites…

That being said, I will probably post a video soon…

Check out the WIP threads if you wanna: